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National Nonwovens is globally recognized as the premier manufacturer of felted wool. We offer extensive product lines of both natural and synthetic felt to meet a wide range of demands from exclusive collection designs... to school supplies... to manufacturing specification requirements.

Celebrate our diversity by exploring each unique fabric:

  • WoolFelt is the original wool felt, renowned for its heirloom quality, all natural wool and rayon fiber blends. Boasting a vast assortment of traditional and trendy colors, WoolFelt has inspired countless designs and creative craft techniques.
  • FiestaFelt is an exciting acrylic felt that celebrates the beauty of color in a washable, colorfast fabric.
  • Revolutionary FeltSoooSoft melts your heart with its "angel" soft texture and heavenly hues.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Superior quality
  • Outstanding uniformity
  • Computerized color matching
  • Companion pricing programs
  • Comprehensive inventory of all standard colors

Many types of businesses, organizations, and individual proprietors/designers work exclusively with National Nonwovens for all their acrylic and wool felt requirements. What is your need?

through centuries of generations and into the future
Felt making is one of the primitive arts, antedating weaving. Evolving from traditional techniques are National Nonwovens' innovative technologies. We are proud to have been an integral part of the popularity of felt during the 20th century and anticipate exciting growth in the new millennium.

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New CharmPack 36 pc  HomeSpun Collection

New WCF006 100% Virgin Wool, WoolFelt HomeSpun Collection

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