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National Nonwovens plays an integral role in defining the future of nonwovens in the Aerospace Industry with innovative engineered solutions for many aerospace applications, including:

  • Composite insulating/structural cores and acoustic damping – for thermal insulation, vibration damping, and acoustic attenuation
  • Flight deck protection and aircraft armor – superior protection in an advanced lightweight, moldable material
  • Super absorbent, anti-microbial material – for containment of condensation and/or residual moisture
  • Vibration and strain isolators – improves performance of aerospace products and materials by effectively absorbing and reducing vibrations and isolating strain.
  • Seat Materials – advanced fire-blocker for all aircraft seating dress covers and cushioning materials
  • Flooring - Strength and stability in carpet underlayment

Aerospace, Composites, & Substrates Products.

  • AcouStruct® Structural Acoustical Systems (SAS)
  • Atvantage® Composite Insulating Core (CIC) & Composite Structural Core (CSC)
  • Bleeder/Breather Material (BRE)
  • KushnBlok® Composite Cushioning Felt (CCF)
  • Nukuls® Core Materials (COR)
  • ProTechtor® Ballistic Shield (CBS)
  • SafeSorb and AeroSorb (SUR)
  • Silnt® Acoustical Absorption Insulator (AAI) and Acoustical Damping Quiet (ADQ)
  • TechWick® Technical Wicking Felts (TWF)
  • Ultra-ProTechtor® Fire Retardant System (FRS)
  • Vibration Pads (VIB)

AcouStruct® Structural Acoustical Systems (SAS)

Self Supporting Acoustical Systems

Applications include:

  • overblanket
  • ceiling
  • bulkhead
  • floor decking & cabinet support

For information on AcouStruct® SAS patents, visit the Innovations page.

AeroSorb - super absorbent, anti-microbial material

An ideal material for containment of condensation and/or residual moisture. Super absorbent properties ensure entrapment and encapsulation of fluids and water vapors in confined spaces.

Features include:

  • Super absorbent! – absorbs 20 times its weight
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Anti-microbial agents added
  • Mildew free
  • Minimized odors
  • No off gassing
  • Contains liquids - no leaching
  • User friendly - easy to install and remove

See Composite Products for more information.

Atvantage® Composite Structural (CSC) & Insulating Cores (CIC)

Performance Engineered from The Inside Out. Engineered for specific end uses, Atvantage® provides compressive strength, flame retardancy, acoustic attenuation, and thermal insulation, while achieving a balance between product performance, life, and cost.

Aerospace applications include:

  • commercial
  • military
  • outerspace
  • business/private

For information on Atvantage® Composite Structural Core patents, visit the Innovations page.

Please go to our Composite Product page for more information.

Breather/Bleeder Cloths (BRE)

Premium breather cloths for composite processing. The breather cloths’ unique composition enables volatile gas and resin to evaporate during curing. Advanced design technology provides increased absorption, uniform thickness, and consistent permeability making these breather cloths and excellent choice for bleeder cloths.

Product features:

  • Material is resilient, soft, and moldable
  • Intense maximum use temperature with ranges reaching 400° F
  • Flame retardant capabilities can be added

KushnBlok® Composite Cushioning Felt (CCF)

A New Evolution In Comfort

Applications include:

  • seat fire blocker
  • floorig & carpet underlayment
  • headliner
  • sewing stabilizer
  • foam replacement

Nukuls® Core Materials (COR)

Moisture Management

Product features:

  • isolates & neutralizes outer serfaces
  • superior flexibility
  • enhanced insulatig value
  • flame withstanding
  • prevents product deterioration

See Ballistic Protection Products for more information

ProTechtor® Composite Ballistic Shield (CBS)

High Performance Nonwovens Engineered For Maximum Protection. Utilizing advanced needling technology; ProTechtor® is designed and tested to withstand the toughest forces on its own merits.

Aerospace applications include:

  • Armor - vehicle/body, aircraft, shelters
  • Blast Containment - explosive sheathings, high energy devices, engine/transmission, housings

Please see our Ballistic Protection Page for more information.

Silnt® Acoustical Absorption Insulator (AAI) and Damping Quiet (ADQ)

Eliminating the Sound of Nature... with Silnt® Acoustical Absorption Insulator.

Applications include:

  • flooring
  • ceiling
  • insulating systems

Flexible Acoustic Sound Barrier... with Acoustical Damping Quiet

Applications include:

  • overframe blankets
  • crew/rest compartments
  • privacy partitions

TechWick® Technical Wicking Felts (TWF)

Straight To The Core

Product features:

  • moisture absorption and containment
  • moisture management
  • capillary motion
  • dust and lint control

Ultra-ProTechtor® Fire Retardant System (FRS)

First Fire-Blocker For All Dress Covers. Ultra-ProTechtor’s superior design provides exceptional fire blocking with reduced weight loss when used to protect foam and batting for seating. Enhanced construction provides additional stability.

Advanced Properties:

  • Low smoke density and toxicity
  • Flame resistance and fire blocking
  • Water repellent
  • Low heat release
  • Formaldehyde free

Meets and exceed tough industry standards:

  • FAR 25.853A & C: 14 CFR25.853(c) Ammendment 25-116 App F part II, Part 1 (a)(1)(ii) (12 second vertical burn)
  • FAR 25.853 (C): 5 % to 7% weight loss with cloth, synthetic leather, & light weight leather dress cover
  • U.L. 94 HB: Horizontal Burn Test

Atvantage®, ProTechtor®, AccuStruct®, KushnBlok®,Nukuls®, Silnt®, TechWick®, Ultra-ProTechtor®, and SureSorb® are registered trademarks of National Nonwovens