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National Nonwovens is at the forefront in engineering fiber-processing technologies for composite materials, playing an integral role in defining the future of nonwovens.

Progressive Composite Categories

  • Acoustic Damping & Absorption
  • Composite Insulating & Structural Cores
  • Breather/Bleeder Cloths
  • Filtration & Wicking
  • Medical Products
  • Protection

NEW! Products:

  • AcouStruct® Structural Acoustical Systems (SAS): Self Supporting Acoustical Systems
  • KushnBlok® Composite Cushioning Felt (CCF): A New Evolution In Comfort
  • Nukuls® Core Materials (COR): Straight To The Core
  • Silnt® Acoustical Absorption Insulator (AAI): Eliminating the Sound of Nature and Acoustical Damping Quiet (ADQ): Flexible Acoustic Sound Barrier
  • TechWick® Technical Wicking Felts (TWF): Moisture Management

Advanced Composite Products:

  • Atvantage® Composite Insulating Core (CIC) & Composite Structural Core (CSC)
  • ProTechtor® Ballistic Shield (CBS)
  • Ultra-ProTechtor® Fire Retardant System (FRS)
  • Other: breather/bleeder cloths (BRE), industrial products, filtration products, and medical products)

Atvantage® Composite Insulating Core (CIC) & Composite Structural Core (CSC)

Performance Engineered from The Inside Out. Engineered for specific end uses, Atvantage® provides compressive strength, flame retardancy, acoustic attenuation, and thermal insulation, while achieving a balance between product performance, life, and cost.

CIC Products:

  • CIC002 - Consistent Z-axis integrity provides uniform thickness and density. It has enhanced dimensional stability while resisting shedding or linting.
  • CIC007 - Excellent repellency against oil and water with superior dimensional stability. Outstanding Velcro® compatibility for easy structural attachment
  • CIC009 - Superior design offers exceptional insulating properties where stability in high temperature environments is required
  • CIC026 and CIC027 - Engineered with Ultem Staple Fibers from SABIC Innovative Plastics (polyetherimide PEI thermoplastic) for low smoke density, low smoke toxicity, and excellent flame resistance
  • CIC031 - Exceptional acoustical and thermal insulation at a lower weight when compared to meta-aramid products.

Composite Insulating Core: CIC’s superior design offers exceptional insulating properties where stability in high temperature environments is required. CIC is a structured fiber array; constructed using advanced manufacturing techniques. It can be chemically enhanced but does not need woven fabric support. CIC passes tough industry standards such as FAR 25.853A, FAR 25.856A, U.L 94 HB, BMS8-373, BMS8-242.

CSC Products:

  • CSC001 - Advanced composite made from high performance fibers.
  • CSC004 - Engineered from high performance fibers with chemical enhancements.
  • CSC006 - Meets aerospace requirements to be lighter and thinner. Available in a wet moldable state that is contained in an air tight environment without requiring refrigeration.
  • CSC009 - Engineered with polyetherimide (PEI) thermoplastic polymer for aerospace applications that require low smoke density and toxicity along with advanced thermal and acoustical insulation.
  • CSC012 - A patent pending thermoplastic designed for use as standalone structured elements or part of a composite assemble.

CSC is mechanically interlocked in an isotropic array with chemical enhancements; providing acoustic, thermal, and vibration attenuation while maintaining all structural properties… even in complex shapes including strength, stiffness, thickness, and uniformity. Although CSC is widely found in the aerospace and automotive industries, it is also popular in the medical and marine environments. Applications range from military shelters to amusement rides.

By adjusting fiber blends and resins, CSC is engineered to be manufacturing compatible with your fabricating processes. It can be used in many product designs, including those that must meet requirements for FAR 25.853, BAC-5564, and U.L. 94 HB Tests.

For information on Atvantage® Composite Structural Core patents, please go to our Innovations page.

ProTechtor® Composite Ballistic Shield (CBS)

Please see our Ballistic Protection Page for more information on CBS001, CBS002, and CBS003

High Performance Nonwovens Engineered For Maximum Protection. Utilizing advanced needling technology; ProTechtor® is designed and tested to withstand the toughest forces on its own merits. It is mechanically interlocked for optimum dispersion, absorption and containment against harmful and deadly forces.

CBS Products:

  • CBS001
  • CBS002
  • CBS003

Applications include:

  • Protective Apparel - vests, gloves, chainsaw pants, helmets
  • Armor - vehicle/body, aircraft, shelters
  • Blast Containment - explosive sheathings, high energy devices, engine/transmission, housings
  • Protective Apparel - vests, gloves, chainsaw pants, helmets
  • Fire Protection – turncoats, overcoat

Ultra-ProTechtor® Fire Retardant System (FRS)

First Fire-Blocker For All Dress Covers. Ultra-ProTechtor’s superior design provides exceptional fire blocking with reduced weight loss when used to protect foam and batting for seating. Enhanced construction provides additional stability.

FRS Product:

  • FRS013

Advanced Properties:

  • Low smoke density and toxicity
  • Flame resistance and fire blocking
  • Water repellent
  • Low heat release
  • Formaldehyde free

Meets and exceed tough industry standards:

  • FAR 25.853A & C: 14 CFR25.853(c) Ammendment 25-116 App F part II, Part 1 (a)(1)(ii) (12 second vertical burn)
  • FAR 25.853 (C): 5 % to 7% weight loss with cloth, synthetic leather, & light weight leather dress cover
  • U.L. 94 HB: Horizontal Burn Test

Breather/Bleeder Cloths (BRE)

National Nonwovens’ provides premium breather cloths for composite processing. The breather cloths’ unique composition enables volatile gas and resin to evaporate during curing. Advanced design technology provides increased absorption, uniform thickness, and consistent permeability making these breather cloths and excellent choice for bleeder cloths.

BRE Products:

  • BRE002

Advanced Features:

  • Material is resilient, soft, and moldable
  • Intense maximum use temperature with ranges reaching 400° F
  • Flame retardant capabilities can be added

Filtration Composite Products

  • Dual Density Multi-Section, Long Life Filter - A true dual density filter. The first filter section is open, springy, and resilient with high denier and low density. The second filter section contrasts by being thin, stiff, rigid, and dense with fine denier. Together, they make a high-depth loading, long life filter perfect for automotive carbon canisters. It is also excellent for vacuum cleaners, furnace and air conditioner filters, and pleated filters.

  • Filter 12 Innovative vapor neutralizing filter - Stops odors by neutralizing harmful vapors. This innovative filter is extremely effective on formaldehyde, a potential carcinogen found in hospitals and laboratories. Patented fiber is durable and resists tearing, even when saturated. Incineration of filter is clean and efficient with reduced threat of exposure.

Please see our Filtration Page for more information or Contact Us with your questions and custom requirements.

Medical Composite Products

  • Emergency Cooling Cloths First aid for heat illness, emergencies, and hyperthermic conditions. Superabsorbent fibers "lock in" water, reducing body temperature during heat emergencies. While stabilizing vital body functions, material soothes and comforts victims of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other hyperthermic conditions. Evaporative cooling method allows cloth to be reused in future traumas. Formaldehyde Neutralizer Pads – Dramatically minimizes exposure to formaldehyde vapors. Formaldehyde Neutralizer Pads offer a way to significantly reduce exposure by chemically neutralizing formaldehyde and encapsulating the escaping vapors within the pad.

  • SureSorb® Super absorbent clinical pads for after-life applications.. SureSorb® minimizes exposure and transmission of aerosol and solution based pathogens by absorbing, encapsulating, and retaining bio-hazardous fluids with patented fiber technology. Patented fibers absorb and retain up to 60 times their own weight in fluids (pictured right). Work area stays drier and cleaner. WoundFelt – Wound Care Composites. Variety and Consistency... Whether the application requires large products for excessive fluid control, small bandages for everyday use, or specialty cloths with added comfort for burn victims, We deliver a multitude of consistent quality and premium products.

Please see our Medical Page for more information or Contact Us with your questions and custom requirements.

- Please see our Medical Page for more information or Contact Us with your questions and custom requirements. Contact Us with your questions and custom requirements.
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