Wool Rovings

for needle felting, wet felting, and fiber art projects.

National Nonwovens is renowned for making felt from wool fibers. Often overlooked, is that we also sell wool fibers - called rovings - for felt making. Felting is the common term for this DIY process, with needle felting and wet felting being the two main methods. Fiber artists and crafters also implement rovings into a wide variety of projects as embellishments using many other diverse techniques.

We sell 100% wool rovings along with rovings made from a specialty wool-rayon blend based on the same expertise that goes into our wool-rayon blend WoolFelt®. In fact, the blended-wool rovings are in the same popular colors as our WoolFelt® Style TOY002.

Wool Roving Styles:

Purchasing Information:

Our expansive wool roving product lines includes a multitude of individually packaged fiber colors and six-pack combination offerings.

WoolWisps 100% Wool Roving

Style - FIB006.Felting is experiencing a new surge of popularity and National Nonwovens has the quality 100% wool rovings to meet the demand. We offer 100% wool WoolWisps® Rovings 6-Packs and single packs. WoolWisps® is also offered singularly in its natural state allowing you to dye the roving to any color you desire..

WoolWisps Singles

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WoolWisps 6-packs

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WoolWisps Product Offerings

Single Packs:

  • Colored: The Gallery Collection - .25 oz. Colors include:
    • Custard
    • Keylime
    • Bluenote
    • Cool Waters
    • Evening Violet
    • Sand Storm
    • Baked Clay
    • Rain Forest
    • Pine
    • Orchid
    • Claret
    • Vintage Black
  • Natural: available in .25 and .50 oz. packs.


Six Packs:

Six assorted colors in each pack

  • Brilliant Brights Pack
  • Deep Secrets Pack
  • Delicate Delights Pack
  • Primitive Pallets Pack
  • Holiday Hues Pack
  • Spring Blossoms Pack


ShadedWisps Wool-Blend Roving

Styles - FIB001 & FIB002. ShadedWisps Roving is offered to you in a variety of different colors of which compliment our already famous WoolFelt® shades.

WoolWisps® and ShadedWisps® are registered trademarks of National Nonwovens