Banner & Emblem Materials

Style WCF003, 70% wool/30% rayon - WoolFelt that performs under all conditions. National Nonwovens works closely with Identity/school spirit suppliers to create wool felt banner material that fits their processing equipment resulting in a superb end-product that customers will display proudly. We have an extensive array of manual and computer-controlled equipment to cost-effectively handle both high volume runs and efficient trial runs with superior uniformity. Computerized color matching systems guarantee consistent dyeing.

Product Features:

  • Colorfast for banners and emblems
  • Superior quality and uniformity
  • Accurate color matching
  • Stocked in bolts
  • Brilliant colors
  • Dry cleanable

WCF003 Put-Ups:

  • Bolt Goods: 20 and 50 yard bolts, 72" wide, doubled & rolled to 36" on boards.
  • Go to Franny's Features for felt fun and information

  • Cut Piece: 36" x 36" pieces available.
  • Custom & Special Orders:
    • Roll Goods - Custom orders available on 3" cores for special colors, put-ups and finishes
    • Die-cut products - Special orders for circles, squares, or custom shapes with or without pressure sensitive backing.

WoolFelt is a registered trademark of National Nonwovens