Identity Products

Only the finest felt creates Identity and School Spirit products that are valued forever. That is why National Nonwovens' Identity Products are cherished today, treasured tomorrow.

Identity Products:

  • Athletic Felt (WCF003)
  • Athletic Letter Backing (LTR)
  • Banner and Emblem Material
  • ShennileAppeal® CHNFelt (CHN)
  • Printable Felt Bases (FIL006 and PRT007)
  • Stadium Blanket Material

WoolFelt Style WCF003

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Athletic Felt: 70% wool/30% rayon

WoolFelt® that performs under all conditions. National Nonwovens' Althletic Felt will remain as each year passes, a high school banner or stadium blanket bursting with memories of laughter and victories. National Nonwovens' Athletic WoolFelt is available in 18 popular school colors and custom color matching is available.

Style: WCF003

  • Brilliant colors
  • Accurate color matching
  • Colorfast for banners and emblems
  • Superior quality and uniformity
  • Dry cleanable
  • Immediate inventory available in bolts

Athletic Letter Backing

Superior felt backing for athletic letters. Manufactured for frequent wear and lasting durability. Students take pride in their school letter, and National Nonwovens takes pride in providing the highest quality felt.

Style: LTR

  • Superior processing guarantees uniformity and consistency
  • Currently offered in black and white

ShenilleAppeal® CHN003

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ShennileAppeal® (CHNFelt)

Colorfast scrim felt for chenilling. Place your custom designs on a top-quality felt base. CHNFelt is manufactured with the finest fiber blend of 20% wool - 80% rayon with a cotton scrim. National Nonwovens scrim felt for chenilling is offered in 22 brilliant colors. With a basis weight of 9.5 oz/yd2 this needlepunched, felted, supported fabric maintains excellent dimensional stability and a luxuriously soft hand. Minimal needle and thread breakage translate to less downtime and higher productivity. Exceptional embroidery projects deserve the best material…. National Nonwovens' CHNFelt.

Style: CHN003

  • Bleed free
  • Large assortment of brilliant colors
  • Easy to cut and handle
  • Immediate inventory available
  • Roll goods available in 42" wide, 50 yards on a roll

Printable Felt Bases

Go beyond pennants with National Nonwovens' printable felt bases. Looking for an innovative method of displaying school spirit? From calendars to rugs to wall hangings, felt is an innovative way to show school pride. National Nonwovens has two distinct types of printable felt bases. Both are made with the highest quality felt material.

Styles:FIL006 and PRT007

  • FIL006 - A unique printable felt base preferred for an extra-special finished product. Did you know that originally cola was intended as a cough syrup? Well, amazingly FIL006 printable felt bases started out as filtration material. Today this felt product has evolved into placemats, designer rug fabric, and identity products to name a few. Both screen and sublimation printing are compatible with these printable felt bases. Spark your imagination with this unique felt base.
    • Material is white at 16 oz. and widths up to 78"
    • As an added feature, non-skid backing can be applied.
  • PRT007 - Excellent printable felt base for trendy and traditional felt calendars. Felt calendars are only as good as the felt they are printed on. With National Nonwovens PRT007 printable felt base, high quality is guaranteed. What makes National Nonwovens' felt bases superior? Advanced needlepunching equipment, a century of experience, and a commitment to quality.
    • Material is white at 5.5 oz. and 60" wide.

Stadium Blanket Materials

National Nonwovens manufactures cozy nonwoven blanket materials that keep fans warm when stadiums are at their coldest. The attractive blanket material has a tremendous customer appeal and is rugged and durable to withstand tough stadium conditions.

WoolFelt® and ShenilleAppeal® are a registered trademarks of National Nonwovens