Home Furnishings

National Nonwovens is an integral part of the home furnishing industry, offering a multitude of products from blanket materials to weather stripping materials to mattress pad materials to printable bases.  We supply innovative solutions to the industry with the latest technologies for a wide variety of applications.

Products and Components:

Binding Material

Style: WRP001 - Versatile nonwoven edge wrapping material designed for maximum strength and tear resistance.

Additional applications:

  • Vinyl backing - provides maximum strength with minimum thickness
  • Carpets - engineered as an effective serging when binding carpets
  • Crafts - available with flame retardancy for use as home craft back drape

Blanket Material

Style: WCF003 - Stadium Blanket Material - Fans are warm when stadiums are at their coldest. The attractive blanket material has tremendous customer appeal because it is rugged and durable to withstand harsh conditions. Made with 70% wool WoolFelt®.

Product Features:

  • Brilliant colors
  • Accurate color matching
  • Colorfast for banners and emblems
  • Superior quality and uniformity
  • Dry cleanable
  • Immediate inventory available in bolts

Lamp Base Materials

Style: LAM005 - Our lamp base materials provide a nonabrasive surface to protect furniture from scratching.

Product Features:

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives - available with various grades of for a variety of applications
  • Advanced attributes:
    • colorfast
    • high durability
    • mildew resistant

Lining Materials

Style: LIN001 - Durable nonwoven wool felt. Provides a soft, resilient protective surface that wicks away water and oil, while dampening sounds and vibrations

Liner Applications:

  • furniture
  • toolboxes
  • drawers
  • storage boxes

Partition Materials

Styles: INP001, INP005, & INP006 - Economical, nonwoven padding. Designed with excellent resilience, INP001 provides an insulation layer that is easy to quilt, cut, and handle.


  • office partitions
  • cubical walls
  • home furnishing dividers
  • apparel/craft uses

Printable Bases

We manufacture impressive and innovative printable bases that meet and go beyond your expectations! Unique printable materials have a 3-dimensional appearance, and are used for a variety of applications, including: robust banners, soft calendars, and brilliant rugs. Each style is engineered to encompass specific attributes necessary for your product requirements and each style is guaranteed to have consistent high quality.

Style: FIL006 - Superior design results in excellent seam strength and superior wearability. Our unique finishing processes eliminates shrinkage during printing, resulting in unparalleled print clarity, definition, and registration. It can be chemically treated for increased firmness.

Style: PRT007 - Soft, drapeable printable fabric with a smooth, soft felt surface. Thermally stabilized for minimal shrinkage during printing.

Style: PRT009 - Ideal for the process of digitally enhancing images for molded-in graphics. The vibrant three-dimensional effect of this material provides a stunning appearance and is suitable for a wide range of many diverse applications.

FIL006 Applications:

  • Banners - superior durability of this material makes it perfect for banners, especially those that are exposed to high winds.
  • Slip Mat Material - when chemically treated, FIL006 is an ideal slip mat material.

PRT007 Applications:

  • Calendars - designed for transfer printed calendars

PRT009 Applications:

  • Recreation - ideal for surf boards, snow boards, and snowmobiles
  • Marine - suitable for boat interiors and exteriors, canoes,
  • Household - veneers innovative furniture designs
  • Aerospace

Speaker Material

Highly engineered nonwoven used to manufacture speaker diaphragms. National Nonwovens’ superior needling technology controls fiber orientation for consistent elongation and unparalleled molding. Consistently high quality sound is achieved through innovative engineering.

Styles: SPK001 & SPK003

Vinyl Backing Material

National Nonwovens manufactures the highest quality needled nonwovens specifically for products that require an advanced vinyl backing. Backing materials are engineered to encompass sophisticated attributes such as high tensile strength, minimal lint, tear resistancy, and increased absorbency to name a few. Many backing styles are offered, and National Nonwovens can customized a unique product to fit your specific requirements.

Style: VYL009 - Soft, no scratch surface with minimal lint and is easy to cut.

Styles: VYL017 & VYL018 - Excellent abrasion resistance is the key attribute of this durable material engineered to be a leather or vinyl substrate

VYL009 Applications:

  • Tablecloths - ecomonical backing for tablecloths
  • Pillows - ecomonical backing for pillows

VYL017 and VYL018 Applications:

  • Rugged tool bags/equipment cases - chemically enhanced for added durability

Weather Stripping Materials

Style: WEA001 - Strategically engineered to eliminate unwanted airflow. Material will endure many seasons. This material will not decompose and can be treated for mold and mildew resistance.

Wiping Materials

We utilizes innovative needling technology to engineer dramatically effective wiping materials engineered to encompass specific attributes necessary for your product requirements. As consumer demand grows for nonwoven wiping systems that are convenient and effective, so does our technology. We stand ready to customize materials to fit your applications precisely.

Style: WIP006 - Household wipes and cleaning cloths. Material will not scratch surface and will withstand repeated washings.

Style: WIP009 & TWIP11 - The "Super Wipes" for ultimate household cleaning. Material is engineered for the most demanding products, such as mops, car wash pads, and boating supplies.

Please go to our Wipes page for more information.

Custom Materials

Consistently providing innovative solutions to unique and specific requirements is National Nonwovens specialty. Call National Nonwovens with your unique specfications at 800-333-3469.