Industrial Products

Our advanced industrial products are available in varying thickness and densities for a wide array of product options. National Nonwovens partners with customers to manufacture material to their precise specifications.

Product Categories

  • Advanced Industrial Felt
    • Industrial Alternatives (IND)
  • Industrial Specialty Products
    • Gaskets (GAS)
    • High Performance Liners (LIN)
    • Vibration Pads (VIB)
    • Industrial Wrapping (WRP)

Innovative Industrial Alternatives

Styles: IND001IND003IND004IND005IND007IND011IND050IND055

Advanced engineering and innovative fiber blends result in economical SAE wool felt alternatives that maintain many crucial SAE characteristics.


Styles: GAS008

Heat resistant gaskets designed for inkjet and laser printers.

  • Resists penetration and absorption of oil and water
  • Minimal off gassing, even at high temperatures
  • Stable up to 500 degrees F.

High Performance Liners

Styles: LIN001

Designed for demanding environments where advanced engineering is required to protect tools, tool boxes, and work shelves.

  • Absorbs oil and water
  • Attractive - available in many colors
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Does not break down like foams
  • Exceptional tear strength

Vibration Pads

Styles: VIB001VIB003VIB006VIB007VIB008VIB009

Engineered for optimum quality and strength — choose between diverse fibers and custom features for unique characteristics that meet specific requirements.

Industrial Wrapping

Styles: WRP001WRP003WRP004

Superior quality wrapping material used for binding edges of carpets, woven mats, and vinyl laminates. Excellent abrasion resistance, fiber entanglement, and dimensional stability make this style a superio anti-squeak material reducing noise by eliminating friction between plastic components. Enhancement with flame retardants, water repellents, and lubricants are available to meet SAE specifications or OEM automotive requirements.

  • Engineered for high strength and minimal elongation
  • Excellent tear resistance and seam strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Maintains a soft, drapeable hand