Footwear Components

National Nonwovens historically has made a strong impact in the footwear market, tracing back to our revolutionary boot insulators for U.S. troops in Korea. National Nonwovens reaffirms its dedication to providing premium nonwoven components for footwear products with advanced needling technologies and unique manufacturing techniques. The result is exceptional products that provide cushioning, insulation, flame retardancy and non-skid attributes.


  • FTW003 - Designed for strobel applications of all types of boot and hiking shoes. This stiffener material is durable, has a medium hand, and a precise amount of flexibility.
  • FTW010 - This box-toe liner gluing substrate is extremely durable with many advanced features, including water repellency and solvent resistant. Material is easy to cut and shape, can be engineered for various hand characteristics, and is especially effective for heavier applications.
  • FTW016 - A durable vinyl backing designed as a substrate or by itself as a stabilizer material for hiking, work, and military boots. It has a soft hand and is very flexible.
  • FTW017 - A stiff, durable and creep resistant material for mid-soles in working, heavy duty hiking, and military boots. It has an anti-migrant functionality and promotes excellent adhesion of material.