Apparel Products and Components

National Nonwovens manufactures distinctive apparel products with superior quality, engineered to encompass specific features necessary for today’s fashions.  Apparel products and components are manufactured for a wide variety of applications.

Product Categories

Coat-Front Components

These extremely uniform components have consistent quality and controlled shrinkage. Recognizing the complex structure of suit and sport coats, a myriad of choices are offered with technical engineers ready to customize specifications as apparel demands change.

  • Thickness
  • Resistance to bacteria
  • Abrasion
  • Absorption
  • Flammability
  • Tear and tensile strength


  • CTF001 - An impressive coat-front line with remarkable features. Products are uniform and thermally stable for low shrinkage.
  • CTF002 - This coat-front style combines thermal stability with a silky soft hand. Engineered for an exceptionally attractive look.
  • CTF005 - The premium nonwoven coat-front component! In addition to being thermally stable, this product is engineered with two uniform surfaces.
  • CTF006 - A soft, drapeable chest felt for jackets and military uniforms.
  • CTF007 - Light-weight, soft, drapeable chest for jackets, engineered for use with natural fiber blends.

See WoolFelt Products for more information.

Felted Fabrics

National Nonwovens fabricates only the highest quality felt with sophisticated fiber blends and excellent uniformity. National Nonwovens’ popular WoolFelt® is the premier, heirloom quality wool blended felt. Over 100 WoolFelt® colors are inventoried with custom color matching available. The fabrics are engineered to be compatible with diverse manufacturing processes and can be custom die-cut to complex specifications.

WoolFelt® Products:

  • WCF001 - Heirloom quality, economical WoolFelt® with a fiber blend of 20% wool/80% rayon. (view swatches)
  • TOY002 - Designers' choice WoolFelt® for a multitude of applications with a fiber blend of 35% wool/65% rayon (view swatches)
  • WCF003 - Athletic WoolFelt® provides enhanced performance because of the higher quality fiber blend of 70% wool and 30% rayon. More information found on our Identity Page.
  • WCF006 - Luxurious homespun fabric made from 100% virgin wool. (view swatches)

Footwear Components

National Nonwovens historically has made a strong impact in the footwear market, tracing back to our revolutionary boot insulators for U.S. troops in Korea. National Nonwovens reaffirms its dedication to providing premium nonwoven components for footwear products with advanced needling technologies and unique manufacturing techniques. The result is exceptional products that provide cushioning, insulation, flame retardancy and non-skid attributes.


  • FTW003 - Designed for strobel applications of all types of boot and hiking shoes. This stiffener material is durable, has a medium hand, and a precise amount of flexibility.
  • FTW010 - This box-toe liner gluing substrate is extremely durable with many advanced features, including water repellency and solvent resistant. Material is easy to cut and shape, can be engineered for various hand characteristics, and is especially effective for heavier applications.
  • FTW016 - A durable vinyl backing designed as a substrate or by itself as a stabilizer material for hiking, work, and military boots. It has a soft hand and is very flexible.
  • FTW017 - A stiff, durable and creep resistant material for mid-soles in working, heavy duty hiking, and military boots. It has an anti-migrant functionality and promotes excellent adhesion of material.

Glove Components

Several distinctive glove component lines are offered including: versatile glove liners, specialized heat resistant components, and revolutionary protective gloves. Regardless of the application, National Nonwovens delivers a superiorly engineered material, compatible with your manufacturing process.


  • GLV001 - Versatile glove liner for consumer applications. GLV001 is an economical style for fashion and sporting good applications. Material is soft and dimensionally stable. It is easy to cut and fashion, and provides good insulation and cushioning.
  • CBS001 - Glove material designed for optimum protection. This revolutionary ProTechtor® material is engineered for dispersion, absorption, and containment against harmful forces including heat, fire, and severe abrasion. Material is lightweight, drapeable, strong, and maintains properties when cut. It is also flame retardant with excellent thermal insulation.
  • CIC002 - High temperature glove lining. This material is designed to protect hands against extremely high temperatures. The fibers are effectively engineered not to melt or burn, making it the perfect lining in firefighting gloves. The unique fiber blend of Atvantage® CIC002 also provides excellent properties for hunting glove linings.


Designed for optimum shape retention, dimensional stability, and durability. They are washable, dry-cleanable, and compatible with fused substrates. Custom features are available including fire retardant and water repellant treatments.


  • INT001 - A stiff interlining perfect for shirt cuffs, collars, lapels, pocket flaps, and waist bands. Other applications include embroidery backing and buttonholes. Material is easily die-cut, sewed, and is engineered to be compatible with fusible substrates.
  • INT005 - Athletic hat-brim and belt filler material. INT005 resists yellowing and is engineered with a durable stiff hand (maintains hand when wet). It is dimensionally stable, moldable, and pleatable.
  • TINT09 - Chemically enhanced material is engineered to provide exceptional body and form-recovery. It will not yellow, fade, and/or bleed when washed and dry-cleaned and it is moldable and pleatable.

Shoulder Pad Material

Our shoulder pad materials offer many custom features so you can easily develop new pads as the apparel market changes with each season. National Nonwovens’ engineers are ready to assist you in keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Because shoulder pads are often used in multiple layers, a wide range of specification options is offered to accommodate intricate designs and shoulder pads are available for almost every application.


  • SHP001 - Versatile material used in a variety of apparel applications. Each product is engineered with a unique fiber blend and a sophisticated needling technology to create a resilient and versatile fabric that is extremely effective when used in concert with each other.
  • SHP008 - Chemically bonded for increased stiffness and "memory" capabilities. This lightweight material will retain its shape and provide a smooth, uniform surface. SHP008 is especially effective when used as an inner layer.
  • SHP013 - Engineered with a unique fiber blend and substrate for added resiliency. This low density material has excellent shape retention with high tensile and seam strength. Although SHP013 is versatile, it is especially effective as a top layer in the shoulder pad construction.
  • SHP018 - Unique substrate composition results in a stiffer, thicker material perfect for heavier formal applications such as graduation gowns and uniforms. SHP018 has excellent stitch strength and an optical opacity which maintains color vibrancy and will not yellow when dry-cleaned.
  • SHP026 - Fine denier construction creates a material with a gentle, subtle touch and extremely soft hand. The smooth surface of this thin material makes it perfect for both outside and inside layers.


High quality material for demanding fashions.

WoolFelt®, ProTechtor®, and Atvantage® are a registered trademarks of National Nonwovens