Car Wash Textiles

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We have become the preferred provider of textiles to the car wash industry by providing OEM’s with a variety of choices. In fact, we lead the industry in inventing and analyzing innovative textiles.

Working closely with car wash OEM’s to engineer textiles in our QLL government-certified lab, technicians analyze and quantify weight, while testing for thickness, resistance to bacteria, abrasion, absorption, flammability, and tear and tensile strength.

Standard Products

  • Buffing and Polishing Cloths
    • CAR001 polyester cloths specially designed to eliminate color transfer during buffing.
    • CAR015 An economical, soft cloth that does not require prewashing prior to installation. Color will not fade or transfer.
  • Car Wash Cloths
    • CAR003 Polypropylene cloth that retains its vivid colors and maintains a long life.
    • CAR007 Whooshh® 100% polypropylene cloth improves abrasion resistance over 50% compared to products of a leading competitor.
  • Curtains
    • CAR013 Soft & Natural unique cloth with an extremely high absorbency rate.

Specialty Products

Whooshh® - Designed for premium car washes, Whooshh focuses on the softness of the cloth and superior cleaning capabilities. Tabor test conducted in National Nonwovens' QLL certified lab proves improved abrasion resistance over 50% when compared to products of a leading competitor. Features include:

  • Enhanced softness
  • Improved absorbency
  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Refined quietness
  • Maintained color intensity
  • Reduced abrasion

Comparison of Soft & Natural with Other Car Wash Cloths in Absorbency

Soft & Natural - Made of a rayon/polyester blend, Soft & Natural is unlike any other car wash cloth manufactured by National Nonwovens or available on the market today. Designed for upscale car washes, the material gives the car a beautiful shine that gets noticed. Features include:

  • Chemical free
  • Extremely soft
  • Unbelievable absorbency

Soft & Natural s perfect for car wash "curtains" because of the extremely fast rate at which it absorbs water. Compare it with car wash cloths of other companies, as well as the standard car wash cloths of National Nonwovens. You will see that is no comparison.

Custom Cloths

If your marketing plans require a unique weight or thickness, National Nonwovens will work with you to provide custom products that match your specifications.

Whooshh is a registered trademark of National Nonwovens