Industrial Products

Our advanced industrial products are available in varying thickness and densities for a wide array of product options. National Nonwovens partners with customers to manufacture material to their precise specifications.

Product Categories

  • Advanced Industrial Felt
    • Industrial Alternatives (IND)
  • Industrial Specialty Products
    • Gaskets (GAS)
    • High Performance Liners (LIN)
    • Vibration Pads (VIB)
    • Industrial Wrapping (WRP)
  • Nonwoven Wipe Materials

Innovative Industrial Alternatives

Styles: IND001IND003IND004IND005IND007IND011IND050IND055

Advanced engineering and innovative fiber blends result in economical SAE wool felt alternatives that maintain many crucial SAE characteristics.


Styles: GAS008

Heat resistant gaskets designed for inkjet and laser printers.

  • Resists penetration and absorption of oil and water
  • Minimal off gassing, even at high temperatures
  • Stable up to 500 degrees F.

High Performance Liners

Styles: LIN001

Designed for demanding environments where advanced engineering is required to protect tools, tool boxes, and work shelves.

  • Absorbs oil and water
  • Attractive - available in many colors
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Does not break down like foams
  • Exceptional tear strength

Vibration Pads

Styles: VIB001VIB003VIB006VIB007VIB008VIB009

Engineered for optimum quality and strength — choose between diverse fibers and custom features for unique characteristics that meet specific requirements.

Industrial Wrapping

Styles: WRP001WRP003WRP004

Superior quality wrapping material used for binding edges of carpets, woven mats, and vinyl laminates. Excellent abrasion resistance, fiber entanglement, and dimensional stability make this style a superio anti-squeak material reducing noise by eliminating friction between plastic components. Enhancement with flame retardants, water repellents, and lubricants are available to meet SAE specifications or OEM automotive requirements.

  • Engineered for high strength and minimal elongation
  • Excellent tear resistance and seam strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Maintains a soft, drapeable hand

Car Wipes

For premium car care. As the preferred provider of textiles to the car wash industry, National Nonwovens’ technicians engineer textiles in the company’s QLL government certified lab, analyzing and quantifying weight, while testing for:

  • Thickness
  • Resistance to bacteria
  • Abrasion
  • Absorption
  • Flammability
  • Tear and tensile strength

Car wipe products:

  • CAR001 - Polyester cloths specially designed to eliminate color transfer during buffing.
  • CAR013 - Soft & Natural Made of a chemically free rayon/polyester blend, Soft and Natural is unlike any other car wash cloth manufactured by National Nonwovens or available on the market today. Designed for upscale car washes, the material has unbelievable absorbency and gives the car a beautiful shine that gets noticed.

Home Furnishing Wiping Materials

We utilizes innovative needling technology to engineer dramatically effective wiping materials engineered to encompass specific attributes necessary for your product requirements. As consumer demand grows for nonwoven wiping systems that are convenient and effective, so does our technology. We stand ready to customize materials to fit your applications precisely.

Wiping Products:

  • WIP006 - Household wipes and cleaning cloths. Material will not scratch surface and will withstand repeated washings.
  • WIP009 & TWIP11 - The "Super Wipes" for ultimate household cleaning. Material is engineered for the most demanding products, such as mops, car wash pads, and boating supplies.

Polishing and Buffing Pad Materials

An extensive array of superior materials. Interlocked nonwoven construction will provide you with outstanding integrity and advanced uniformity for both disc and belt products, with the ability to accept any buffing compound. Take advantage of our superior technology.

Applications include:

  • Polishing windscreens and transparencies
  • Buffing composite and metal parts
  • Maintaining tools


  • IND050 - 50% wool/50% polyester - Weight –16.0 - 18.0 oz/yd2 - Thickness – .055 - .101 inch
  • IND005 - 50% wool/50% polyester. - Weight –16.0 - 50.0 oz/yd2 - Thickness – .087 - .270 inch
  • WIP006 - 50% rayon / 50% acrylic - Weight – 6.5 oz/yd2 - Thickness – .085 - .115 inch

Super Wipes

Powerful cleaning and buffing products. Perfect for maintenance and food service wipes, along with household mops and specialty cleaning cloths. These products have super strength, are extremely soft and nonabrasive, and are washable and reusable.


  • WIP009 - 50% rayon / 50% polyester - Weight – 13.5 oz/yd2 - Thickness – .100 - .110 inch
  • TWIP007 - 100% polyester - Weight – 15.0 oz/yd2 - Thickness – .250 - .350 inch.