Medical Products

National Nonwovens is defining the future of nonwovens in the Medical Industry with premium wound care products, effective multi-purpose after-life products, and diverse specialty applications. Consistent product performance... sets us apart as the premier manufacturer of a wide array of nonwoven medical products.

Advanced Needling Technology... and engineering excellence provide the foundation of our expertise in meeting application challenges and result in innovative solutions.

Product Categories

Emergency Cooling Cloths

First aid for heat illness, emergencies, and hyperthermic conditions. Superabsorbent fibers "lock in" water, reducing body temperature during heat emergencies. While stabilizing vital body functions, material soothes and comforts victims of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other hyperthermic conditions. Evaporative cooling method allows cloth to be reused in future traumas.

  • Super Absorbent! – Absorbs 20 times its weight
  • Water is "locked in" a stable, comfortable gel for quick, constant reduction of body temperature
  • Reusable
  • Chemical free
  • User friendly - easy to store - easy to use
  • Material is soft, comfortable, and comforting

Formaldehyde Neutralizer Pads

Dramatically minimizes exposure to formaldehyde vapors. A major crisis facing today’s hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare providers is the occupational exposure and disposal of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. National Nonwovens' Formaldehyde Neutralizer Pads offer a way to significantly reduce exposure by chemically neutralizing formaldehyde and encapsulating the escaping vapors within the pad.

Product: SUR003

  • Significantly reduces exposure to formaldehyde vapors
  • Minimizes cleanup. Incineration of pads is clean and efficient with minimal threat of exposure

Medical Application Filter Media

  • PurusFelt® “scrimless” polypropylene filter media for pharmaceutical applications."Pure" because it's all fiber, no scrim — PurusFelt® goes beyond all your filter medium expectations. Fiber Blends: Polyester and Nomex.

  • Filter 12 Innovative vapor neutralizing filter - Stops odors by neutralizing harmful vapors. This innovative filter is extremely effective on formaldehyde, a potential carcinogen found in hospitals and laboratories. Patented fiber is durable and resists tearing, even when saturated. Incineration of filter is clean and efficient with reduced threat of exposure.

Please see our Filtration Page for more information or Contact Us with your questions and custom requirements.

Orthopedic Felt

Orthopedic padding and support increases patients’ comfort and protection while enhancing orthopedic products such as casts, splints, braces, and foot/arch supports.

Making Life Easier... National Nonwovens is making life easy for both medical partners and end-users. Orthopedic Felt is engineered for manufacturing compatibility - making your product goals a reality. End-users appreciate the added comfort and protection that National Nonwovens’ unique needling technology and fiber blends provide.

Product: IND002 - Increases patients’ comfort and protection while enhancing orthopedic products such as casts, splint paddings, braces, and foot/arch pads.

  • Super soft
  • Non-abrasive
  • Exceptionally uniform
  • Resilient
  • Easily splits apart
  • Precision die-cutting

SoftSorb - Superabsorbent, ultra-soft bed pads & adult incontinent pads

Engineered for comfort and performance

Quality and Comfort... SoftSorb products offer National Nonwovens’ medical partners a premium product that is compatible with their manufacturing facilities. End-users will appreciate - and count on - the extremely comfortable, super absorbent material. Products include:

  • HYG006, HYG010, & HYG011: Absorbency increases with washing
  • HYG007, HY008, & HYG009: Economical and absorbent

SureSorb® - Super absorbent clinical pads for after-life applications

Contamination Control… a major crises facing today’s hospitals, laboratories, and mortuary providers. National Nonwovens fights contamination with SureSorb® Superabsorbent Clinical Pads.

SureSorb® minimizes exposure and transmission of aerosol and solution based pathogens by absorbing, encapsulating, and retaining bio-hazardous fluids with patented fiber technology. Innovative needling technology is the cornerstone behind our success in many diverse markets and the reason why we are a vital partner in the After-Life Industry. Benefits include:

  • Patented fibers absorb and retain up to 60 times their own weight in fluids (pictured right). Work area stays drier and cleaner.
  • Durable and tear resistant, even when saturated.
  • Available in pre-cut sizes for a wide variety of healthcare applications, including pathology, laboratory, and mortuary functions. SureSorb® uses are virtually unlimited.
  • Convenient Disposal. Minimizes cost of cleanup. Clean, efficient incineration reduces threat of exposure.
  • Encapsulation of bio-hazardous fluids prevents transmission of aerosol and solution based pathogens.

Pads are available in pre-cut sizes for wide variety of healthcare applications, including: pathology, laboratory and mortuary functions. SureSorb® uses are virtually unlimited and are available in the following after-life applications:

  • Autopsy Table Pad (ATP)
  • Dissecting Table Pad (DTP)
  • Surgical Cutting Board Pad (SCBP)
  • Biopsy Sample Pad (BSP)
  • Morgue Trough Pads (MTP)
  • Morgue Stretcher Pads (MSP)
  • Head Pack


Woundcare products for a multitude of medical applications.

Variety and Consistency...Whether the application requires large products for excessive fluid control, small bandages for everyday use, or specialty cloths with added comfort for burn victims, National Nonwovens delivers a multitude of consistent quality and premium products. Products include:

  • AID002 - Provides strength, durability, comfort, and absorbency in a premium polyethylene laminate composite. AID002 is perfect for adhesive bandages.
  • AID003 - Highly absorbent... perfect for customization. Unsupported material in a premium, polyethylene laminate composite provides exceptional flexibility for a variety of applications requiring optimum comfort and absorbency.
  • MED002 - Ideal for a wide variety of wound care needs. Patients will appreciate the added comfort that can only come from a high-cushion material.
  • MED006 - The ULTIMATE wound care material. The flexibility of this revolutionary product makes it perfect for a wide variety of applications.
  • TMED08 - A non absorbing, bio degradable material designed for use as a compressible gasket.

Call 1-800-333-3469 for technical specifications and pricing.

Commitment to customers... technical staff and process engineers stand ready to develop medical products to meet specific requirements. Our team is enthusiastic about forming partnerships with companies that make a difference where it counts: people lives.

SureSorb® is a registered trademark of National Nonwovens