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National Nonwovens is globally recognized as the premier manufacturer of wool felt with the largest assortment of colors and styles. Also available from National Nonwovens is high quality acrylic felt and bamboo-rayon felt.

What are your felt needs?

  • Wholesale - Congratulations! You have discovered the premier United States manufacturer of quality felt. Buy 100+ colors by the yard, sheet, bolt, square, or bundle. Email or call us at 800-333-3469 for more information on becoming a wholesale customer.
  • Retail - Need smaller quantities? Our Customer Service Department can direct you a shop near you. You can also order online by visiting our online retail store at www.commonwealthfelt.com.

WOOLFELT is the original WOOL FELT! (click here to go to WoolFelt page)


Made in the U.S.A. since 1905

For projects and patterns, go to our Pattern Partners & Project Page. Remember, you can order small quantities of our felt direct by clicking on the banner below.

Commonwealth Felt Online for all your wool felt needs

We offer extensive product lines of both natural wool and bamboo felt along with a full-line of synthetic pressed felt. Celebrate our diversity by exploring
each unique fabric:

  • WoolFelt® - the original wool felt, renowned for its all-natural heirloom quality. Available in 100+ colors, product lines range from wool-rayon fiber blends to 100% wool.

  • FiestaFelt®- exciting acrylic felt that celebrates the beauty of color in a washable, colorfast fabric.

  • GlitzyFelt- a new high quality acrylic felt that sparkles

  • XoticFelt™ - is the first felt made from bamboo rayon. This fabric utilizes an innovative blend of bamboo and rayon making extremely soft.

  • ShenilleAppeal® - Colorfast scrim felt for chenilling

  • WoolWisps® - 100% virgin wool needle felt for heirloom projects.

  • ShadedWisps - Needle felt that compliments popular WoolFelt® colors.

NEW 2016 WoolFelt Colors: Once Upon A WoolFelt Collection

Once Upon A WoolFelt

New 2016 WoolFelt Colors

Read our Made In America story.
Go to our Download page to view and print your copy.

Made in America

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Many businesses, organizations, individual proprietors, and designers work exclusively with National Nonwovens for their felt requirements. What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Superior quality
  • Outstanding uniformity
  • Computerized color matching
  • Companion pricing programs
  • Comprehensive inventory of all standard colors

...through centuries of generations and into the future

Felt making is one of the primitive arts, antedating weaving. Evolving from traditional techniques are National Nonwovens' innovative technologies

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Please call Paul, Don or Diane at 1-800-333-3469 for more information.

    • Paul - ext. 641
    • Don - ext. 643
    • Diane - ext 645


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