For Aerospace, Medical, Protective Apparel, Filtration and beyond.


National Nonwovens is a pioneering producer of advanced technical nonwoven textiles for progressive global markets such as Aerospace, Medical, Protective Apparel, and Filtration. With an emphasis on research & development, and utilizing our core needlepunch nonwoven competencies – combined with strong post-treatment capabilities – we engineer solutions to complex design challenges for niche products.

Our innovative approach translates to customized engineering collaboration, so you achieve a nonwoven tailored to your unique application. Our technical materials include composites, insulating and structural cores, niche filtration, fire-blocking seating structures, and moldable protection materials.


National Nonwovens plays an integral role in defining the future of nonwovens in the Aerospace Industry with innovative engineered solutions for many aerospace applications.

Aerospace, Composites, & Substrates Products

AcouStruct® Structural Acoustical Systems

AcouStruct is a patented self-supporting system for overblankets, ceilings, bulkheads, floor decking & cabinet support. MORE INFORMATION

Atvantage® Composite Insulating Core & Composite Structural Core

Engineered from the inside out, Atvantage® provides compressive strength, flame retardancy, acoustic attenuation, and thermal insulation, while achieving a balance between product performance, life, and cost.

Bleeder/Breather Material

The unique composition of National Nonwovens’ breather cloths enables volatile gas and resin to evaporate during curing. Advanced design technology provides increased absorption, uniform thickness, and consist.

KushnBlok® Composite Cushioning Felt

KushnBlok® is a new evolution in comfort for aerospace applications such as fire blockers for seats, flooring and carpet underlayments, and headliners. MORE INFORMATION

Nukuls® Core Materials

Nukuls provides moisture management; isolating and neutralizing outer surfaces. These core materials have many impressive features such as superior flexibility and enhanced insulating value.

ProTechtor® Ballistic Shield

Utilizing advanced needling technology, ProTechtor® is designed and tested to withstand the toughest forces. Products benefiting from this technology include vehicle and body armor, shelters, explosive sheathings, high energy devices, and engine and transmissions.

Silnt® Acoustical Absorption Insulator and Acoustical Damping Quiet

This is ideal for eliminating the sound of nature and providing flexible, acoustic sound barriers. Use this advance material for flooring, ceilings, insulating systems, overframe blankets, crew/rest compartment, and privacy partitions. MORE INFORMATION

TechWick® Technical Wicking Felts

Go straight to the core with TechWick®. Wicking felts from National Nonwovens feature advanced moisture absorption and containment, capillary motion, and dust and lint control.

Ultra-ProTechtor® Fire Retardant System

Ultra-ProTechtor® is the first fire-blocker for all dress covers. It has a superior design for reduced weight loss when used to protect foam and batting for seating.

Vibration Pads

We utilize our advanced needling technology to develop nonwoven vibration damping pads highly resilient and excellent for low temperatures.

These products are only the beginning of what we can do. Discover more about our capabilities and our latest R&D!