From first aid to afterlife products, our medical products are second to none.


A myriad of factors sets National Nonwovens advanced wound care and diverse specialty nonwovens apart from the competition. Engineering excellence and ability to draw upon our advanced needling technology – utilizing both carding and airlaid processes – to provide effective solutions to complex medical application challenges.

Consistent product performance also sets National Nonwovens apart. Uncompromising Customer Service backed by ISO Certification demonstrates our commitment to continuing the pursuit toward excellence in all facets of our operation from research and development to manufacturing to quality control and after sales service.

Nonwoven Medical Materials

Wound Care Products

A variety of applications benefit from National Nonwovens’ Wound Care materials. Whether large products for excessive fluid control, or small bandages for everyday use, our nonwoven materials provide durability, absorbency and consistent quality.

Afterlife Products

National Nonwovens’ SureSorb® super absorbent clinical pads minimizes exposure and transmission of aerosol and solution-based pathogens by absorbing, encapsulating, and retaining bio-hazardous fluids with patented fiber technology. Use SureSorb® for a variety of after-life products ranging from autopsy table pads to morgue stretcher pads.

Superabsorbent Pads

Our SoftSorb materials for ultra-soft bed pads & adult incontinent pads are engineered for comfort and performance

Formaldehyde Neutralizer Pads

Dramatically minimizes exposure to vapors by chemically neutralizing formaldehyde and encapsulating the escaping vapors within the pad.

Filter Media

National Nonwovens’ PurusFelt® is a filter media for pharmaceutical applications.

Orthopedic and Padding Support

These nonwoven materials enhance casts, splints, braces, and foot/arch supports while increasing patients’ comfort and protection.

Emergency Cooling Cloths

First aid for heat illness, emergencies, and hyperthermic conditions. Superabsorbent fibers “lock in” water, reducing body temperature during heat emergencies.

These products are only the beginning of what we can do. Discover more about our capabilities and our latest R&D!