Innovative textile solutions for over a century.


Founded in 1905 as National Felt Company, National Nonwovens originated as a manufacturer of wool felt for use in apparel and home furnishings. A supplier of felt and other textile materials to the U.S. Government since World War I, the company has been at the forefront in the development of fiber and fiber-processing technologies for a multitude of military and commercial applications.

As the demands of emerging industries and changing markets has evolved over the years, National Nonwovens has adapted to their needs with leading-edge products. The company was the first in the United States to import needlepunch equipment from Europe for fabricating natural and synthetic fibers into nonwoven textiles. Chemical bonding was introduced, and new plants were brought on-line, expanding needlepunch capabilities to meet the burgeoning requirements of apparel, medical, and industrial customers.

Today, with the operating experience of over a century, and with ongoing investment in emerging technologies, National Nonwovens produces a multitude of different types of materials – all of which add up to more than 15 million pounds of textiles annually.

Corporate offices, along with research, engineering, and production, are located in building complexes located in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Committed to total control of the fabrication process, National Nonwovens is the only manufacturer of nonwoven material in the U.S. with its own dyeing facility and computer-controlled color-matching laboratory.

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