Dependable nonwovens to meet your exacting needs.


Industrial products benefiting from nonwoven materials number in the thousands. For over a century, National Nonwovens has manufactured a wide variety of nonwoven materials in varying thicknesses and densities.

Our relationships with our customers in the Industrial Markets go back many decades. We have earned their loyalty by manufacturing nonwoven materials to precise specifications and being innovative in our approach to advances in technology. If you need dependable industrial nonwoven materials, we have a solution for your application requirements.

Advanced Nonwoven Industrial Materials

SAE Alternatives

Advanced engineering and innovative fiber blends result in economical SAE wool felt alternatives that maintain many crucial SAE characteristics.


Heat resistant gaskets designed for inkjet and laser printers. Materials resists penetration and absorption of oil and water.

High Performance Liners

High performance liners are designed for demanding environments where advanced engineering is required to protect tools, toolboxes, and work shelves.

Vibration Pads

Engineered for optimum quality and strength — choose between diverse fibers and custom features for unique characteristics that meet specific requirements.


Superior quality industrial wrapping materials are ideal for binding edges of carpets, woven mats, and vinyl laminates. The excellent abrasion resistance, fiber entanglement, and dimensional stability of this nonwoven makes it a superior anti-squeak material.

Lamp Base Materials

Durable, lamp base materials provide a nonabrasive surface. Available with various grades of pressure sensitive adhesives.

Partition Materials

Economical, nonwoven padding provides an insulation layer that is easy to quilt, cut, and handle.

Printable Bases

Unique printable materials have a 3-dimensional appearance, and are used for a variety of applications, including robust banners, soft calendars, and brilliant rugs.

Speaker Materials

Superior needling technology controls fiber orientation for consistent elongation and unparalleled molding for the manufacture of speaker diaphragms.

Vinyl Backing Materials

Engineered to encompass sophisticated attributes such as high tensile strength, minimal lint, tear resistance, and increased absorbency.

Weather Stripping Materials

Durable material is strategically engineered to eliminate unwanted airflow.

Wiping Materials

Engineered to encompass specific attributes, our wiping materials range from household wipes to strong “super wipes” for demanding applications.

These products are only the beginning of what we can do. Discover more about our capabilities and our latest R&D!

These products are only the beginning of what we can do. Discover more about our capabilities and our latest R&D!