R&D drives our ever-expanding line of specialty products.


An emphasis on research & development is the key component of our success. Customers’ goals, specifications, confidentiality, and objectives are instrumental in the creation of our engineered nonwovens. Specialty products are vast in our portfolio, embodying broad markets with niche applications. Our integrated research capabilities and full-scale testing – coupled with our strong capabilities – provide unique solutions to complex design challenges. Our nonwoven innovations continue to grow rapidly with almost unlimited possibilities.

Examples of Specialty Nonwoven Materials


Car Wash Textiles

We have become the preferred provider of textiles to the car wash industry by providing OEM’s with a variety of choices. In fact, we lead the industry in inventing and analyzing innovative textiles. National Nonwovens manufactures buffing and polishing cloths, car wash cloths, and curtains in a variety of fiber blends.

Working closely with car wash OEM’s to engineer textiles in our QLL government-certified lab, technicians analyze and quantify weight, while testing for thickness, resistance to bacteria, abrasion, absorption, flammability, and tear and tensile strength.


Protective Apparel Materials and Apparel Components

National Nonwovens manufactures distinctive apparel products with superior quality, engineered to encompass specific features. Apparel products and components are manufactured for a wide variety of applications that include but are not limited to protective apparel, coat-front components, footwear, glove components, interlinings, should pad materials, and under-collar materials.


Filter Media

National Nonwovens manufactures premier filtration products for niche applications. We offer a wide array of styles, ranging from all-purpose to highly specialized filter fabrics. All filters perform with remarkable efficiency at high permeability levels.

We also work closely with partners to customize filters for specialty applications. Engineers work quickly and effectively to provide filtration solutions for a wide array of applications.

These products are only the beginning of what we can do. Discover more about our capabilities and our latest R&D!