XoticFelt® - bamboo-rayon felt

BAM001 XoticFelt is a soft felt made from sustainable, natural fibers. It's the first felt created from an innovative bamboo-rayon blend, making it naturally soft, strong, and able to retain vivid colors. The smooth texture and vibrant colors of this unique felt makes it a favorite fabric for modern designers leading the industry today.

Product Features:

  • Made from sustainable, natural fibers
  • Available in rich, vibrant colors
  • Extremely soft
  • Consistent color matching and excellent uniformity
  • Easy to cut, handle, and sew
  • Dry cleanable

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please see our XoticFelt Care Instruction page for information on how to wash and dry XoticFelt.

BAM001 Put-Ups:

  • Xtra Wide Bolt Goods: 10 yard bolts: 40 wide, doubled & rolled to 20
  • XoticFelt

    XoticFelt is offered in Xtra-Wide Fat Quarter Bundles

  • Xtra Wide Fat Quarters: Piece size 20 x 22
    • 12 Piece Packs or 100 Piece Bundles
    • 8 Piece Assortment Pack (one of each color)

Available wholesale or purchase smaller quantities at www.CommonwealthFelt.com.

XoticFelt Lightbulbs

A bright idea! Kerry Goulder made these XoticFelt lightbulbs in her book, Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love. Visit our Book Page for information.

XoticFelt is a registered trademark of National Nonwovens