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Made in America Since 1905!

Women working at a Punch Press Machine at National Nonwovens during the 1950s, when the company was still named the National Felt Company.

Since 1905, National Nonwovens has produced wool felt in Easthampton, Massachusetts

National Nonwovens has produced wool felt in Easthampton, Massachusetts for over 110 ten years. After listening to our customers, we learned that choosing American-made products is very important and critical in their decison-making process when buying products. However, buyers and store owners often overlook National Nonwovens as an American manufacturer, when in fact the company has been producing wool felt in the United States for ove 110 years!

Founded in 1905 as National Felt Company, National Nonwovens originated as a manufacturer of wool felt for apparel and home furnishings products. A supplier of felt and other textile materials to the U.S. Government since World War I, the company has been at the forefront in the development of fiber and fiber-processing technologies.

Not only is National Nonwovens a leader in the Arts & Education Industries, but also in technical industries such as Aerospace and Medical. A variety of fibers are used to create many different types of material. The fiber is sourced from all over the globe, including Merino wool imported from Australia that is used to make WoolFelt.

The WoolFelt® itself is produced entirely in the U.S.A from the initial stage of going into a Mix Master blender, to the finished felt ready to ship to our customers. (see pictures below).

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Today, thanks to the support and loyalty of our customers, National Nonwovens continues to manufacture its textiles in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Almost 100 employees work full-time at the facilities, many having worked at the company for over three decades. From all of us to all of you, THANK YOU for buying American!

WoolFelt®is a registered trademark of National Nonwovens