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National Nonwovens expands production of its nonwovens for aerospace applications

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Over the decades, National Nonwovens has effectively engineered a variety of complex technical nonwovens specific for the Aerospace Industry. Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, production of nonwovens used in the Aerospace Industry increased significantly.

Thermal Acoustic Insulation Systems (TAIS) in aircraft interiors remain in strong demand despite market downturn.  Meeting this demand are National Nonwovens’ advanced materials complementing custom-fit projects. Several of the products frequently used in aviation completions and refurbishing include:

  • Silnt® Acoustical Damping Quiet Nonwoven – Acoustic composite systems with uses in flooring, ceilings, insulating systems, overframe blankets, crew/rest compartment, and privacy partitions. Silnt® can be produced and assembled in flat sheets for kitting as well as formed and/or molded 3-D parts.
  • KushnBlok® Composite Cushioning Felt – Highly resilient nonwoven fire-blocking pad for seats, carpet underlayments, and headliners.
  • AcouStruct® Structural Acoustical Systems – a patented self-supporting system for overblankets, ceilings, bulkheads, floor decking, and cabinetry insulation.

National Nonwovens partners with Aircraft Completion and Refurbishment Centers providing unparalleled manufacturing capabilities and needling technology. We can manufacture dry-formed webs up to 200” wide. Additionally, advanced needling technology enables us to mechanically interlock and orient fibers to produce dense structural materials to 256 oz/yd2 or soft spongy materials at 1.5 oz/yd2.  Products can be chemically enhanced through saturation or coating, adding flame resistance, water repellency, increase in modulus, or other desired properties.

In addition to TAIS, National Nonwovens has many other material and production advances in the aerospace industry. Here are a few other recent successes:

  • Soft composite solutions for aircraft cockpit door/bulkhead offering NIJ Level 3A protection
  • Seating with Ultem® based nonwoven foam replacements
  • Synthetic leather substrates meeting aerospace requirements


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    Hello, I am interested in finding out about National non-woven products regarding: light weight thermal acoustic barriers, vibration dampers and other noise control solutions that could be applied to the EVTOL space.

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