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Face masks now being made from National Nonwovens’ PurusFelt® filter fabrics — 

nonwoven face masks

Face masks became the top new necessity item of 2020 as COVID-19 continues to disrupt lives in every part of the globe.  As the supply of single-use face masks dwindles, many companies seek to protect their workers with a better face mask option. A mask that is washable and has a high particle filtration efficiency (PFE).

To answer this demand, National Nonwovens accelerated the development of its specialty nonwoven filtration fabrics. The result is a new filtration style in its PurusFelt® product line that is ideal for face masks. Independent testing company Blue Heaven Technologies tested new PurusFelt® Style FIL039 for effectiveness. Blue Heaven Technologies is a recognized leader in providing state-of-the-art air filtration testing and analytical services. They gave PurusFelt® FIL039 a PFE of 98.2% (3.0. µm) with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 10.

With a MERV 10, National Nonwovens’ PurusFelt® face masks are ideal for environments that do not require masks with a higher MERV – such as hospitals requiring MERV 13-16 – but want more protection than what typical cloth masks will provide. This includes industrial workspaces, superior residential, better commercial, and hospital laboratories.

PurusFelt® Style FIL039

National Nonwovens developed PurusFelt® as an innovative, mechanically interlocked “scrimless” filter design featuring “pure fiber” for pure filtration. Style FIL039 has many benefits and features making it ideal for face masks. It is comfortable, exceptionally durable, resilient, and reusable. Under normal washing conditions, it can be washed up to 30 times. The material does not fray and has a high seam strength. Another great benefit for corporations is that it is printable and can be embroidered, making custom logos and designs possible. In addition to white nonwoven fabric, PurusFelt FIL039 is also available in “heathered” colors.

PurusFelt Specifications

Made in the USA

We manufacturer all our PurusFelt® Filter materials in the USA at National Nonwovens’ textile mill in Easthampton, MA. For more details, call or email National Nonwovens to receive pricing, specifications, and for additional product information.

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