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Tranquility WoolFelt Collection

New WoolFelt® Colors (left to right): Morning Air, Blissful Lavender, Pink Sweetness, Serene Green, Euphoric Gold, Soothing Aloe, and Outdoor Retreat

Introducing the new 2020 WoolFelt® Tranquility Collection.

The seven new wool-blend felt colors reflect on our appreciation for the serene moments, when all the stress drifts away. The new WoolFelt® colors are incredibly special this year.  They are special in part because of the extraordinary circumstance due the coronavirus. We have a renewed sense of gratitude. We are especially grateful National Nonwovens stayed in operation during this past spring and summer to continue serving our customers.

A Rare Summer Introduction

National Nonwovens’ efforts this past spring were focused on developing materials to support the efforts in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our concentration focused on developing and manufacturing textiles to help support the efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, our new WoolFelt® colors – which are normally introduced in May each year – were delayed.

Tranquility Color Swatch CArd

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The New 2020 WoolFelt® Colors

The WoolFelt® colors are a combination of wool-blend styles WCF001 and TOY002.

Now, without further ado, here is a list of the new 2020 WoolFelt® Colors…  

  • Morning Air (1006)
  • Blissful Lavender (0598)
  • Pink Sweetness (0920)
  • Serene Green (0718)
  • Euphoric Gold (0438)
  • Soothing Aloe (0711)
  • Outdoor Retreat (0724)

This year we are also renaming and reintroducing TOY002 color 0501 to Blue Hosta and including it in this collection.

About Wool-blend WoolFelt®

Wool-blend felt is popular today for making DIY home décor, holiday crafts, and children’s items. To make all these diverse projects, National Nonwovens has approximately 200 WoolFelt® colors, placing National Nonwovens far ahead of the competition. This further exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing customers with an unmatched portfolio of products and colors.

A Felt Legacy Lasting over a Century

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National Nonwovens, under the name National Felt, originally produced felted wool beginning in 1905 for apparel and wartime products. Later, the company’s WoolFelt® was the fabric in the popular poodle skirts of the 1950’s. In the 1980’s, WoolFelt® once again became popular as consumers sought a natural felt for soft sculpture collectibles and holiday projects. Today, National Nonwovens’ trademarked WoolFelt® has emerged as the fabric of choice for heritage quilts, soft sculpture, and modern decor.

More Information….

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